Is my "wireless"router slowing down my wired connection?

Hey there everyone,

I have a NETGEAR WGR614v6 (54Mbps) wireless G router and Comcast high speed (6/1 I guess) internet.

I have a wired connection going from the cable modem to the router to the computer and use the wifi functionality for my laptop.

I have noticed lately that it's kind of slow so I ran the Comcast speed test and and lo and behold, when I run the connection through my router to my desktop via cables it's 3Mbps download and <1Mbps upload. If I unplug the router and run the cable modem directly into the computer it hovers around 4Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

What gives? I updated the router to all the latest drivers and firmware, yet it appears it's bottlenecking my bandwidth.

Does the router suck? Does my internet connection suck? Do I suck for not knowing this?

I am going to Comcast today to swap out my 4 year old cable modem for a newer DOCSIS 3.0 modem that they say will be "better and faster", whatever that means. But it seems that the router saying 54mbps with a wired connection should not cramp my speed by 25%.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys and ladies.

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  1. Well there is some overhead associated w/ the router, including NAT, packet inspection, switching, etc., and any other internal operations it’s managing (a router may be small and unassuming, but it is still a Linux computer). While a 25% difference does seem high, I've never actually measured the difference to determine what is and isn't reasonable. But it's certainly not going to be identical.
  2. Eh... I'd test it again. If you get those same results invest in a newer / higher end router. You will always see some latency whenever you add an additional hop, however what you're seeing is extreme and IMHO unacceptable.
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