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hiya geeks out there. I really am in need of help.I am building a new system for myself.I have most things but i am in need of:-


Now i have all the other things RAM i can manage.
primary use is school work. Basic programming(learner now), and gaming. Gaming is such that i want to play the latest games at low settings(1024x768,no AA,AF,etc)
Now could you people suggest some good deals out there.

P.S i live in Pakistan
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  1. Well a specific $$ range would be good cos what may be budget to you may be semi godly to others :P Anyway for just casual/low res gaming i'd look at

    Biostar A780L3G (if DDR3)
    Biostar A780LE (if DDR2)
    AthlonII X3 440
    2-4 Gb RAM
    HD 4670/9600GT (previous gen)
    HD 5670 (latest)
    430-500 watt 80+ certified PSU with active PFC
  2. sorry i forgot to fill in the details. What i can get is INTEL ONLY except in terms of Graphics of course.
    and on the budget side no more than $200
  3. Hmm could be you looking at G31/41, E7xxx and nab a discrete within your budget?
  4. yeah i was lookin' at the e5400 and DG41RQ. with the 4670 coz that way i wont have to buy a new PSU
  5. Well for most i would say forget LGA 775/DDR2 platforms for fresh builds but if u really have no alternative choices that would have to do
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