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Hi everyone...

This is just a simple question really... I've currently got a RAID-5 array made up of 3 x 1TB drives connected to the IHCR10
RAID controller on my motherboard. When the array has to rebuild, GOD, does it take ages and I've decided to buy a proper
controller card namely the Adaptec 6405 RAID card.

Actually, it's not just the rebuild time, it's also the fact that I've got a PCI-E RevoDrive and my motherboard hasn't got enough
OROM space to initalise the RevoDrive and the IHCR10 RAID controller, so hopefully this card will solve both issues... Anyway...

What's the chances of my array still working when plugged into the Adaptec card? Or am I going to have to back it up and
rebuild the array for the Adaptec card? (I know drive order is important etc..., but I've never migrated from one RAID controller
to another before... Well, not at least whilst trying to keep the data in-tact.)
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  1. i've only successfully migrated RAID between identical controllers, never between different controllers. not saying it can't be done, but the chances are small.

    best to back up and rebuild.
  2. Generally speaking you cannot move from softRAID and hardRAID, or even between softRAIDs for that matter. Move all your data to a single drive, build your new RAID, and then move everything back over.
    Just be sure that you get a real hardware raid card. Most of the sub $500 cards are still software RAID and will fail just as often, and take just as long to reubuild a RAID as your onboard RAID controller (because it is still dependent on the CPU for all of it's heavy lifting), where as a real hardware RAID controller will fail less often, and dramatically shorten rebuild time. Moving to a cheap Adaptec card may not have any advantages over the on-board Intel RAID
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