Metro 2033 lackluster ati performance..driver issuer or poor design

hi guys,
are any of you running metro 2033?
seems this game runs lousy on either ati or nvidia hardware..

is it that the game is just designed poorly?

im runnin 2 5970's in eyefinity and single lcd and it runs ok..not apparent difference in either cfx or single either..
cpu 980 12 gig 1600 ram...
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  1. Last time I checked you were running at 5K resolutions and complaining.
  2. Nope, never played it. However, if it does poorly on all hardware, how can it not be poor game design/implementation?
  3. 3) Designed to have higher quality of graphics than most of todays hardware can perform, but will perform well on future hardware.

    It might also be that it is too demanding for such high resolutions. Perhaps the 4gb 5970's will handle it a lot better on your resolution.
  4. Drivers will be one thing as nvidia worked closer than normal with the dev's I believe and Ati didn't get any preview of the game to work on drivers AFAIK.

    However I did not get what you meant by this

    im runnin 2 5970's in eyefinity and single lcd
  5. Maybe he tried both??
  6. Yeah, perhaps that is it, just that he did not mention what monitors although clearly his other plentiful threads have that info.
  7. Here 3 way 5870 fared better than 2x5970, probably because scaling is not good with 4 gpu's.
    The more powerful gpu(in this case, because of clocking) fared better, because of scaling.
    3 way at a higher clock speed gave better results than 4 way at lower speeds.
    I said the same thing , 3 different ways :)~ I believe.

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