Amd phenom 1055t vs intel i7 860

I am going to build a new system, but I need a bit of help. I am a graphic designer and I do a lot of photoshop, flash, after effects, video encoding and conversions and gaming.

From the following configurations can anyone tell me which one is going to be better.

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (2.8GHz, 9M, 6C)
22'' flat screen monitor ( 1920*1080 resolution )
1GB ATI® Radeon™ HD 5870
6GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz Memory

Intel® Core™ i7-860 Processor (2.80GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 8MB Cache)
22'' flat screen monitor ( 1920*1080 resolution )
1792MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260
6GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz Memory
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  1. the i7 860. or better yet get a x58 mobo. then get the i7 930. which is faster than all of those. for video encoding. core i7 still is the champion. hexaore didnt really give much of a boost. stick with the i7. and that gtx260. change? or a 5770? or do you have this already? i can give u a list of specs. if you give me a budget.
  2. This is pretty straight forward:

    $$ object
    880G/870 chipset
    HD 5850/5870
    80+ 550-650 psu with active PFC
    2 X 2 GB DDR3

    else ya X58 + Nehalem
  3. or a 880fx chipset?
  4. 890FX? Nah those are pricey if the aim is to save $$
  5. yeah. haha my about 790fx? they come in $170+ right?
  6. The price diff 790FX vs 890FX is really not big but 880/870 some come under $100 and with some savings here and there TS could land a juicier GPU hehe 790FX also requires BIOS update to support Thubans ^^
  7. oh. the 880 comes with a onboard video right? but if $ cha ching$ not a problem he should go with the i7 and thunban dosent even REALLY get close to i7. as benchies say.
  8. Depeding how multi threaded app is: seen 1090T in particular just nipping ahead of Nehalem but true value in a 1055T/800 series entry/mainstream chipset is its OC headroom despite being locked multi chip and features/$$ like native SATA 6GB/s, USB 3.0 , etc $$ no issue all bells and whistles ...add in SSD,,yada yada ^^
  9. can i ask something? does ssd really give a perfermonce boost? or does it rely on the cpu?
  10. Definitely!Nope independent of CPU Stuff loads fast ...lappies become such a pleasure to use ..many view it at times as the single most effective upgrade for systems..but i guess these peeps are too concerned with the $$/GB of SSDs currently ^^
  11. uhuh. ssd are like worth a fortune right now. maybe even 10,000rpm dosent match a ssd
  12. Well I just want to have a system which is future proof for some years, I can stretch my budget to 1800$, but not more than that. Well I am open to i7 930 if it can provide me speed and performance. I don't have 5770, but with core i 7 processor i 'll prefer to have a nvidia card maybe gtx 295 or 480 if not gtx 260.
  13. I'd say for future proof, 1090T if you can afford it. In HandBrake and x264 HD is faster than the 930 but also the 1366 platforms are kinda hot.
  14. with that budget i can throw in a nice pc!! wait. tommoroow i'll post something. so u want a nvidia gtx 480 with a i7. got that.

    Looks like the i7 860 is the best choice.

    EDIT: Note that in some benchmarks "Lower is better"
  16. 470gtx is by far the best card nvidia makes. the 480 is expensive for what it is. I'd go 470 and later if you need it add another.
  17. mortonww said:

    Looks like the i7 860 is the best choice.

    EDIT: Note that in some benchmarks "Lower is better"

    i7 860 indeed stands out thanks for the link.
  18. xurwin said:
    with that budget i can throw in a nice pc!! wait. tommoroow i'll post something. so u want a nvidia gtx 480 with a i7. got that.

    If the budget doesnt exceeds 1800$ then why not gtx 480 with i7 930
  19. gpu:gtx 480
    cpu:core i7 930
    mobo:gigabyte x58a-ud3r
    case:coolmaster haff 922
    psu:antecearth watts 650
    dvd:cheapo dvd
    hdd:seagate 7200.12 500gb
    ram:gskill 6gb
    hsf:cm hyper 212


    didnt went over budget? whatdya think?
  20. IMO:
    2 drives for raid0

    470gtx or two depending on how much you want to spend

    850W at the least those nvidias eat power how about this?

    Fatser ram like this
  21. or maybe consider a corsair 750watts. your arent gonna sli then arent ya?

    and that ram is expsenve though.
  22. the ramisn't cheap indeed but it is fast.

    Corsair 750w watt with a haf 922 will be more expensive and worse than my combo(no offence just a good combo)

    thermaltake makes good psu's and its modular. And the case has color changing led's and it has better cooling than the haf.
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