USB suddenly stopped working.

Okay i was playing Starcraft 2 and all the sudden they stopped so i restarted my computer and they still don't. I don't know what happened, the usb gives off power and reads the device in it it just wont work. For instance it can read it when i plug more than 1 mouse in my computer but it wont work. I have tried just about everything, except reinstalling my OS, updating my bios ( I don't see why though cuz it has worked for me for over 2 years). I have uninstalled the drivers from the device manager, disabled and enabled them, and i checked to see if the setting in my bios are enabled and yes they are any more suggestions. O and a old p2 keyboard i have works just my usbs dont.
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  1. Welcome to Toms Forum! :)

    In the Device Manager are there any {"?" or "!"} drivers listed? If so then right-click and Delete, rescan or restart.

    Failure - Device Manager, expand [+] Universal Serial Bus controllers, Delete ALL entries and restart.
  2. no it all looks normal and i've done and looked at all of that
  3. Are you having the same problems with the USB ports directly connected to the MOBO {I/O Shield} and USB Header(s) USB ports?

    Is this a Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse? ; moving USB locations is almost guaranteed to corrupt the registry, and duh bad batteries.

    Are you using a USB Hub {if so remove it} or are all these a direct connection?

    Also, a faulty USB device Keyboard, Mouse, Headsets can 'short' the USB causing this behavior. {Household animals often bite the cables causing shorts}

    Q - What MOBO? In the BIOS I assume that USB is fully enabled:
    USB Functions [Enabled]
    NEC USB 3.0 Controller [Enabled] ; if applicable.
    USB 2.0 Controller [Enabled]
    USB 2.0 Controller Mode [HiSpeed]
    BIOS EHCI Hand-Off [Enabled]
    Legacy USB Support [Auto]

    Trouble shooting ->
  4. Nvidia 650i Ultra and i got the Phenoix bios and its up to date and every thing and all of that is enabled and yes with all my ports i bought a pci card just so i can use my mouse but i would really like to find out whats wrong and fix it and i went to usbman and thier forum is down and am stilling looking through thier troubleshooter
  5. The MOBO has, as I read, 4 Rear USB @ I/O and 4 (2) USB Headers; 8 total.

    You bought a PCI Card for what? If you pull the card do the USB ports on the MOBO work?

    Just to rule-out corruption, run System Restore and choose a date prior to the problem.
  6. I mean i bought a 4 port usb pci card, i ran system restore like 3 times and yes it does have 8 total and all 8 dont work, if i plug my ipod in it charges, i can see the my mouse light up but it wont work.
  7. Then pull the card and see if the MOBO USB works, and if it does then the USB PCI Card is either bad or improperly seated.
  8. I mean that i bought the card AFTER they stopped working so now thats what am using but i would hope this is fixable so i know its not that.
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    Then there's a very good chance that something overloaded {fried} the MOBO USB controller chip. Power and Signal are two different things; powering but just not processing.

    My first (2) posts correct just about every 'corruption' / BIOS issue that affects the USB problems. Running too many devices and/or a 'bad' one can easily burn-out the controller.

    Apparently, the PCI Card clearly indicates that: 1. BIOS is okay, and 2. Windows is okay. Pretty much leaving the MOBO and what's been said as a viable solution.
  10. ok thanks so much i guess for now ill just use the pci usb card and save up until i can just upgrade my computer again, at least i wont waste my time trying different fixes. Thank You
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