Anti-static Protection.

Good morning guys!

The parts for my first ever self-build are *hopefully* arriving this morning, and i've got a couple of questions about anti-static protection that have been worrying me.

So basically, my plan is this- running a fuse-protected (possibly anti-surge, but I cant tell) strip turned OFF, to a socket turned OFF, into the psu, and leave it plugged in, as this is meant to create a good grounding for the case. My question is, will the two switches set to OFF restrict the motherboard from drawing any power at all? I've heard that ATX boards draw power even when the socket is off.

I'm also planning on wrapping some wire around a metal bracelet, and wrapping the other end round an exposed part of the case. Is this safe to do? And yes, i'm aware I should have invested in an anti-static wrist-strap, but it's a bit late now :D

Thanks for the help,
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  1. Yup, Zip is right. There is no need for all the precautions you ar taking, just common sense will get you through.

    Avoid rubbing your socks on carpet while ya work :)
  2. Alright guys, thanks for the help :D I don't have a table suited to working on, so instead i'll be working on a large area of laminate floor, with handy sockets and a grounded radiator nearby. Still not recieved the parts yet, hopefully they'll be here soon!
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