Dell Dimension E510 Graphics Card Issue


Up until a few months ago ive been running a Nvidia 8600 GTS graphics card on my computer. Then my friend stuck a Ubuntu linux CD in my

computer and it just shutoff after shutting it down and trying to power it back on... My CD drive broke and my graphic card cant be plugged in

to turn it back on.. I purchased a new 700 watt power supply thinking the old 305 watt was the problem and it still cant be plugged in. Im

thinking the old power supply broke the Pci slot as well, on my computer.. If i do have the graphic card plugged in. The CD drive just keeps

blinking and making a noise, while the graphic cards fan just keeps revving, after doing that 3 times it stops and has a black screen.

Im pretty sure im screwed lol

Thank you all in advance
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  1. Disconnect all the cables to the CD drive and try to get it on.
  2. I tried that it doesnt work.... thanx though
  3. If you disconnected all the cables to the CD Drive , then how the hell does the light of the CD rom keep blinking?
  4. it does the same crap.. the graphic card just revs 3 times then stops and has a black screen... im

    thinking its the slot cause not even another graphic card works in that slot
  5. Did the PCI Slot break while you were removing the PSU? Like did it slip or how did it break?
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