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So, bought this computer, saved 4 months, and finnaly got the money to get it, and all my parts came with in 3 days, swet.

NZXT m59 ATX case
AMD AM3 Phenom 2 x4 quad core 95w 2.8 ghz
XFX radeon 5770 XXX edition
1 TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 rpm hdd
ASUS Sata DVD rom
Windows 7 home premium OEM

So, built it all with a friend, and all we got is a green LED on the motherboard it self
Not sure what this is all about, we trouble shooted it a couple times, about to take it into geek squad or something see what they can do with it because I'm not sure what all im doing, since this is my first rig.

Thanks for all the help guys!
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  1. Hopefully you bought RAM...

    There could be something defective in there, RAM is the easiest to check, try using one DIMM (stick) at a time, and see if it works with one. You could also try a different power supply.

    There should be a sticky in this forum about assembly, and you should run through to make sure all the right PSU connections are put together.
  2. Oh yes forgot the ram:
    GSKILL Ripjaws 2gb (2x2) 1600 RAM Sticks.
    I tried one ram stick.That didnt work. I have a 480 watt psu that came with the case, but I dont know if it will run everything that I bought. I could try, I will look at that sticky.
  3. What brand PSU is that? A lot of times cheap PSUs get bundled with the cases, and that could be the reason for your problem. Brands like Antec, Corsair, and SeaSonic all make very solid PSUs. I would suggest investing in one of those, especially something with a higher wattage should you want to xfire in the future.
  4. No im not using 480 watt. I'm using a 600w kingwin MACH 1 modular PSU.
    It might be doa but the motherboard LED wouldn't be turning on if it weren't for the plug in lol. It got some great reviews, and it's modular, great price to. I know it's not a corsiar, witch i might have to end up buying the first place. :/.

    This guy seems to have had the same problem. It sounds like it could be a BIOS problem, if you have one with an older revision. You can do like he did and clear the CMOS, and also try to get it to run with all the parts outside the case. You did install the standoffs into the case that the motherboard sits on right?
  6. Well, it seems i didnt apply the standoffs. I feel like a idiot, and havn't had time to apply it. I will tonight though, what will clearing the CMOS do for me though? (this is explains why my motherboard wasnt lining up with my I/O shield xD)
  7. Sometimes a motherboard could ship with a bad BIOS, and the CMOS is where the BIOS is stored, so you can erase that and replace it with an updated version. Your problem though should definitely be the standoffs.
  8. Does this mean my motherboard shorted?...
  9. Not sure, best bet is to just try it and find out... If it doesn't work, then who is to say it wasn't DOA... ;)
  10. Haha yea I guess. I have another question. My mobo came with two chips, one for the USB 2.0, and one for the PWR switch, reset switch, hdd led, ect. I lost both of these because I tend to do that, and I'm bad at organizing :|. Do I still need these chips or can I just connect those things from my power supply directly to the motherboard, with out having those chips? Or do I still need those...
  11. What do you mean by chips? USB should be integrated into the motherboard, and does not come off, and the power/reset/HDD connections should come from the case. Those connect to your motherboard, the manual will show which slot each one goes into.

    There are hundreds of detailed computer building guides out there with pictures and diagrams. I would recommend googling something like "Computer Building Guide" and go from there. Its a very easy process so long as you have the right information at hand.
  12. Well, I guess you don't need them. I don't know, they came with the case, maybe just extras. Who knows. I'm going to try to bread board my computer from now, and if nothing works, I'm going to send it to repair and see what's up. Or ship some parts back. :/
  13. It sounds like it might be an additional USB interface card. Your motherboard already has plenty, not sure what that is from.

    If you got the motherboard from Newegg, they are very good about RMAing products, meaning if it arrives in non-working condition, they will replace it for you. If your motherboard does not work, give them a call and you can find out what you need to do to get a new one.
  14. Well thats a good thing since i ordered everything from newegg haha. I knew from the start newegg was a good place to buy stuff from. They shipped all my parts within 3 days. 3 days.. seriously. For me, that's awsome. Hopefully, nothing came DOA.

    But in case of emergency, what do i need to provide newegg for RMA.
  15. Not sure of the specifics, I have not had to use it. *Knocks on wood*
  16. I'm mainly asking this question because I dont have a motherboard speaker... :/
  17. Well diddo then. Another question (sorry for all the questions!xD). Do i really need a motherboard speaker? I mean if i wanted to detect everything, i could just go into the bios setup and see... right?
  18. Its your system speaker, whenever you're computer beeps at you, thats what you are hearing. Different beeps can mean different things.
  19. Well i understand that. Im just saying do i need to buy one, since i dont have one of my own? I could possibly salvage one from my previous dell.. sorry if i sound like a idiot
  20. Its not something you buy, its just part of the motherboard. The parts you have selected are all well known and fine for your needs, you shouldn't have to buy anything else.
  21. Guess what? Got my computer to work. I went home, rebuilt the whole thing with the standoffs. And followed the motherboard instructions for the power switch and stuff. And vwa la, it works. Sorry for my inconvienience, I was stressed and wasn't thinking, but I got it all to work now and im typing on it right now :D.
  22. Awesome! Glad to hear everything went well for you =)
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