New Ati HD5770 problems with artefacts

Hi guys,

I am a newbie to the world of PC's and unfortunately for me I am having problems with my Ati HD5770. Looking around on google I am not the only one but I haven't seen anyone with this problem (as of yet).

The problem only appears when in game, artefacts appear immediately in the shape of spikes which tend to start at the centre of the screen and protrude towards the edge of the screen in various angles. I have googled and googled to no avail, but I found this website that has a image very like what I am describing. Please view the link below and look at the second image, half life, you see the spikes coming in at angles? That's what I have but far more manic and worse. Is the problem as described by that website?

If anyone could please advise what you feel maybe wrong I'd be extremely grateful.

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  1. It seems like it's a hardware problem, do you have warranty?
  2. Hi mosox,

    Thanks for replying mate. Yeah its basically brand new, I’ve taken it out and my mate is going to try it in his PC. Hopefully it is the hardware otherwise I am seriously!

    Cheers again mate.
  3. Tell us, is that ATI on Sapphire or another brend?
  4. It's a Peak HD5770. I gave the card to a friend and he had the same problem, I've requested for a replacement. Am I just unlucky or stupid?!
  5. Can you get a Saphhire, Powercolor, His, Gigabyte, whatever instead?
  6. I can ask, I take it Peak is a little poor?
  7. If so which one would you suggest?
  8. They have a choice in stock from XFX, Gigabyte, Asus. Out of the 3 which one would be the best choice? Price wise there isn't much difference.
  9. Whatever, they're all good. Peak is no name.
  10. i totally agree with mosox, i never heard of PEAK and i tried searching for them on google and they are only avaliable in Europe. Also when i took a look at the pictures i was like WTF O_o, the card design was funky it seems like they took a 80mm red fan and shoved it in there lol. I would recommend XFX or Asus.
  11. Other reason to get the MSI hawk is because is super cool due to the heatsink design and made for over clocking.
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