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OCZ Agility 3 deal on Newegg 256 GB for $139.00

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  1. Their getting ready for the new OCZ Agility 4 that was released. I just posted the first review of the new Agility 4 to the ssd database:
  2. How do you feel about the OCZ SSD drives Johnny?
  3. Seems to be an excellent deal if you get a drive that works.
  4. A bargain isn't what you pay, it's what you get. Read some reviews.
  5. Mixed reviews , i agree.
  6. probably a good choice for a sata II system.
    The agility III performs about the same when on Sata II as when on SATA III.
    For Sata III, I'd wait for the m4 or 830 to hit $180 again. Think both of them are worth the extra 40 bucks - Bettr SSD Plus 16 gigs more space.

    Looked at the link, could not find it,
    Also Thought the agility III came in 60, 120, 240 ....... gig sizes
  7. Link is ok!
  8. ^ Did you fix it, as that is not where it took me earlier

    Have a pair of the 128 gig Agility III, sitting on my desk as I have replaced them both.
    One has my Wifes's OS + Programs on it. the Other was just a data drive.
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    SR-71 Blackbird said:
    How do you feel about the OCZ SSD drives Johnny?

    There are different ways to interpret the situation but it appears OCZ has a tendency to release ssd's before they are ready for the retail market. There is a possibility OCZ is not doing proper research, development, and most importantly validation. Best policy is to wait 6 months and see what happens before purchasing. For example, the Vertex 4 is not six months old. OCZ has already released firmware updates. According to the latest reviews and articles there will be more updates. What is not clear is why OCZ may have released the Vertex 4 early.

    The marketing department at OCZ thoroughy abused the IOPS benchmark when the Vertex 3 Max IOPS was introduced. OCZ tricked consumers into thinking that more IOPS are better. Over in the enterprise side of the market IOPS is a benchmark used to determine how many and what type of storage devices are required for a server in an enterprise network. That's is completely different from an ssd in a desktop pc at home. When comments about IOPS were posted in this forum I kept asking what individuals were doing that required 85,000 IOPS. Nobody could answer that question. They simply believed more is better.

    Over the years OCZ has tried to diversify its product offerings but hasn't been as successful as other companies. For example, Corsair has been quiet successful at diversification - memory, power supplies, pc cases, cooling, and a variety of peripherals. XFX is another example. OCZ hasn't been able to do the same. They've given up on their other product lines to focus on ssd's.

    Based on articles in financial publications I suspect there are some financial considerations that affect OCZ. Initially OCZ wanted to build a brand new fabrication facility. However, that fell through because OCZ did not have the cash and was unable to obtain financing for such an expensive undertaking. OCZ wound up purchasing a used assembly plant instead. Later OCZ wanted to purchase SandForce but couldn't due to a lack of cash or financing. Instead, they wound up acquiring Indilinx.

    The Indilinx acquisition was interesting. Initially Indilinx had some success designing ssd controllers and had obtained about 20 patents. Then they hit a stumbling block trying to develop newer ssd controllers. At the same time investors wanted a return on their investment. The company was unable to get a 5th round of venture capital. The only thing left was to sell the company. OCZ was able to acquire the company for 34 million dollars. OCZ finally acquired a company they could afford. Unfortunately Indilinx does not have a fabricating facility either. The company only designs controllers. OCZ had to rely on Marvell to manufacture the new Indilinx controllers.

    BTW - I go back quite a few years and remember other problems with OCZ. Veterans here might remember what happened when OCZ acquired PC Power & Cooling. PCP&C had some of the best power supplies at the time. Veteran posters did not hestitate to recommend them. That changed when OCZ acquired the company. OCZ turned PCP&C into a mere shell of what it once was. Recently PCP&C has made a bit of a comeback.

    Sometime after the acquisition of PC Power & Cooling the CEO of OCZ was interviewed. The entire transcript of the interview was published online. There was mention of offering quality products. The CEO also spoke about cost concious consumers and how OCZ would concentrate on keeping costs down. Some veterans interpreted that to mean OCZ would take short cuts or use cheap components to reduce manufacturing costs. They were right.

    Will there be a happy ending? I don't know. My crystal ball is cracked.
  10. Thanks for the info i appreciate it Johnny!
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