5970 Brand Mixing, Different Clock Speeds

I have recently purchased a Black Edition 5970 from XFX (it being the only one available at the time) and I am thinking of purchasing another. Recently the XFX card has gone out of stock and wont be back for some time. Will blending it with something such as an ASUS 5970 work even though the black edition has a lower clock speed? Ive seen too many people flashing the bios of their 5970 if it was of a different brand and I am worried it is because they wont work together unless you do. Is this true? Thanks.
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    The faster card would run at the speed of the slower card but would definitely work.

    You could accept the slower speeds but I simply advise you to overclock the slower card to match the faster card.
  2. Sounds like a good idea, thanks for the info! Very glad I don't have to flash the card.
  3. You could easily overclock the card, Salone. It just takes 5 seconds in ATI OVERDRIVE.
  4. Also good!
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