GTS250 or GTX260?

I'm deciding if I should upgrade my video card. I currently have an EVGA GTX260 (216 cores). I'm considering an EVGA GTS250, maybe even in SLI mode. I mainly use it for Folding@Home. Here's my current PSU if it helps.
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  1. I would say keep your current GTX260. The GTS 250 is a step down. And SLI for Folding@Home.....I would just save your money.
  2. Going from a GTX 260 to a GTS 250 gives a performance hit because GTX 260 is a faster card.
    For folding at home you are fine with a single GTX 260,why do you want to change it ?
  3. Honestly I don't know as much about pc's as I wish I knew. Not only that but with new tech being delivered weekly it seems, it's hard to stay on top of what's best. As far as changing, it has more to do with power saving than actual PPD gained from folding.
  4. if you want to save power, look into the ATI 5xxx series. They are frugal with their use of power.

    The ATI 5770 would offer GTX 260 performance.
    The ATI 5750 would offer GTS 250 performance.
  5. Thank you for the responses :)
  6. I still wouldn't recommend getting a 5770 to replace your GTX 260 because performance wise they are pretty much the same,but for power consumption and less noise,5770 wins
  7. @ metallica,

    Rule of thumb for video cards is the higher the number, the better the performance (in 99% of the cases) All of my examples below rate the better video card at the bottom and the lesser cards going up.

    So, for example, last year ATI came out with the Radeon HD 4xxx series cards in this particular case, the 2nd number represents better performance


    it breaks down even more, looking at the 3rd number you see that some are lower than the others. In this case, the higher 3rd number means it is better than the lower 3rd number.


    Same goes For Nvidia, so, the following is true.

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