Replace Asus P5K-e mobo?

I bent/broke an internal sata port and dropped the case and need a replacement board pronto. Any recommendations? Compatibility is main goal: 775 P35 ATX, Winxp, three Sata HDD ports, Optical sata port, C2D E6850.
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  1. Thanks. Just went with the Asus; looks like it had pretty much every thing I need. The rebate doesn't hurt either. Hopefully will have it back running soon!
  2. ASUS would've been my first choice but I didn't want to just offer something that might have been more than you were looking for (cost wise!) :)
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    Wanted to mention for others seeing as you already got a new board. At this point its pretty much the best idea to hit the used forums for S775 gear. The costs you'll spend new would be better spent on a new i3/i5/AM2+/AM3 board or setup. When my P5K-E deluxe wifi died I went on hards forum and picked up a Foxconn X38 board. 6 SATA ports, 2 PCIe 2.0 slots and a another PCIe 1 slot, supports DDR2 and 3, really just an awesome board. $75 shipped to my door is another plus. Should keep my going for a bit longer.
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