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Hey guys,
It's been a while since i post but here's the deal hope someone can shed some light on my problem.

I have a terrible overheating problem, a while back my computer started shutting down by itself minutes after i turned it on, read a little and figured out it was the CPU overheating so i opened up my computer whiped off the artic #5 and reapplied it thought that could be the problem, and the computer stopped shutting down on its own, however the temperatures are still ridiculously high.

I downloaded speedfan to check it out and here are the reading while im not running anything just my desktop idleing:

System 50
CPU 48
AUX 52
HD1 25
HD2 22
HD3 26
Core 0 62
Core 1 61
Core 2 59
Core 3 63

When I open up a game like Left4Dead 2 the CPU and cores all jump to around 80, and now i just got starcraft 2 everything jumps to over 85 and quickly my computer freezes. My fan speed is at 2100 according to Speedfan (i wish i knew how to kick it up a notch).

Here's my system's specs:

Mobo: Asus P7P55D Pro
CPU: Intel Corei5 750@Clockspeed
GPU: ATI Radeon 4890@StockSpeed
RAM: Kingstom HyperX 4096MB
Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 2
PSU: Antec 750W
HDD: WD Raptor 70gb, WD 750gb 7200RPM, WD caviar black 1tb 7200RPM
Case: Antec 902
OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

I think the tower's fans might not be working correctly, or working at all, but im not sure if that could affect that actual cpu tempratures that bad.

What should i do to reduce the tempratures, and how can i check if the tower's fans are working correctly?

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  1. If your're using the stock fan make sure the pins are set properly to apply the right amount of tension.
    Also too much tim is just as bad as too little for temps.
    Take off the heat-sink and observe the spread if you have spots that aren't covered or air bubbles you didn't apply it properly.
    Likewise if the layer is too thick you've applied too much.
    I've been successful everytime just dabbing tiny amounts in a grid pattern covering the heatsink.
    Another method is to apply a pea-sized dab in the middle.
    Whatever method you use just apply the tim on the heatsink don't apply any on the cpu.
  2. Your temps are too high for this to be an airflow problem. You say thermal paste is applied correctly? I'd suggest you also do a visual check to make sure your CPU fan is actually spinning.
  3. i checked all the fans theyre actually all spinning, and i thought i applied the thermal paste perfectly im gonna give it another try, im thinking of buying a new heatsink anyways because many people claim starcraft 2 has some problem that heats up your cpu anyways. any suggestions on that?
  4. I would suggest a CM Hyper 212+ for a cooler.
  5. so i bought a new heatsink, applied a nice amount of thermal paste, and now im running idle at 19C :)
  6. Nice temps..
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