Is the caviar blue as bad as every one says it is?

I'm building a new computer and I need to find a good 500GB HDD with 7200 RPM for around $65 preferably cheaper. Well the only HDD I can find for that price is the caviar blue every one keeps telling me to go with the caviar black or the spinpoint but I dont have the money.Do you guys think I should just go with the blue or do you have any other suggestions.
I have a SSD for my OS
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  1. I've used several Caviar Blues and I've never had any quality problems. YMMV.
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    The Blues are fine. The Blacks have a few more performance features and a longer warranty but the Blues are designed to be storage drives. I would avoid the Greens just due to them having higher failure rates ( at least from what I have seen ).
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