Recomendations for Headsets

I am looking for something under 100, but 120 is my limit, and i would like something with a rich bass and super aural fit
I need some help as i can't find a good review site for headsets

Any headset or brand recommendations is welcomed

Thanks for you help
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  1. You need to state your intended use and also if you are looking for a wired or a wireless solution.. By headset i guess you are asking for a headphone with mic.. If its intended for gaming then my recommendation would be the razer lachesis (pardon me if I've miss spelled).. Not sure on the pricing though.. If you actually require a headphone just for music and movies then the sennheiser HD 555 gets my recommendation..
  2. Well, im am looking for something to game with, but if the pricing is really good, and so is the audio quality then im willing to go without a mic

    What i have found
    but no mic, thats ok i really like the positive reviews and im thinking as an opinion

    still looking for something with a mic but under 70 bucks
  3. Those Grado's are very good with music.. Although, i am not sure about their gaming performance.. But for pure gaming purposes, i'd recommend the creative sound blaster arena.. Its available for under 100$ i guess and comes with a microphone like all gaming headsets..
  4. I dont know, the quality of those Grados is almost to crazy to pass up, even if they dont have a mic.....
    Hmmm i like the sound blaster arena, but i have a problem with Circumaural headphones, last time i tried a pair i couldn't stand the heat, i have sensitive ears

    Well, maybe ill try some on at a store and re-think my preference

    What type of headphones are you using?
  5. I am currently using a Sennheiser HD 515 G4ME.. I too have problems with closed headphones as my ears start to warm up within few minutes of usage..
  6. wow, kool i like them, and not too expensive

    but i think i might have to just go with some Razer

    but the Gardos are still calling me, since i am fairly new to audio quality i guess its best i save a Gardo set for later in life
  7. MAN!
    the Sennheiser HD 515 G4ME are hard to find, only non G4ME edditions
  8. Yes the g4me's are little hard to find but they sound a lot more impressive compared to the non g4me hd 515.. Meanwhile, grado's are in a league of their own and i'd prefer them (along with audio technica) if music is my only preference..
  9. audio technica
    anything you can recommend from them?
    im liking the AD 700s
  10. Now you got me looking at AT now i cant decide weither to go with AD700 or SR60i
    i like the fact that AD700 is a bit more comfortable but the SR60i is a supra aural

    here take from a techPowerUp review of the AD700 "The sound of the AD700s is well composed with perhaps a slightly recessed midrange, nothing extreme though. The sound stage is overwhelming, definitely the best amongst the three cans in question, by far. The sound stage is broad, deep, and precisely laid out almost on par with that of my much more expensive AKG K701s. The gargantuan sound stage is really nice in games because the positional audio effects are delicately replicated giving you a better idea where the enemies are at.

    Sound stage wise the AD700s are hard to beat, and it is pretty unique to hear something like it in a $100 set of headphones. There are a few chinks in the Audio-Technica's armor for one they are not overly detailed, the sound is smooth, round, and lukewarm rather than detailed. As far as midrange and bass definition goes both the more expensive Ultrasone HFI-680s and the Grado SR-60s perform better. The Grados have a more "in-your-face" type of sound, but lack the great sound stage of the AD700s.

    Vocals on the ATH-AD700s are slightly recessed and warm which makes them very pleasant to listen to, but far from as engaging as the Ultrasones and the Grados. When it comes to music the balanced sound of the AD700s lends itself towards classical music whereas the two others are better at rock, pop, basically contemporary music.

    Bass extension is not the AD700s strong suit. The bass is anonymous and bottoms out early. Amount wise it has enough to satisfy most people, if you are a certified bass head you should avoid these headphones because they will not give you a whole lot of thump for your money. What they do give you is great positional audio in games and unrivalled wearing comfort, I could wear these for days without being annoyed. The high end is not too shabby, it is not dominant as that of the Grados, which can be a little grainy and invasive. On the one hand the AD700's high end is better because it is not quite as forward, on the other hand some people might find it a bit dull.

    What do you think? im just going to buy a separate inline mic for which ever one i get so i can still game with it
  11. Im using Razer Charcharias (something like that) and theyre fantastic, just lacking in bass which can be remedied by setting up bass boost in windows 7
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    Like i said before, you need to sort out your preferences.. Both audio technica and grado would perform similarly as hi-fi headphones (which means very good BTW).. But since you are wishing for a headset which is more gaming oriented, they wont perform upto other gaming optimized headphones available.. Gaming headphones generally come with microphones mostly and are closed back as leaking sound would be a disadvantage when it comes to group gaming (LAN events).. If you do not attend LAN parties and are in lookout for a headphone for more personal use, then go for either the grado or the audio technica (I'll personally recommend the grado) which would be awesome for music and wont perform badly with games also..
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  14. Well, at LAN events i could care less if ppl hear me, they will have headphones too, and like you said im going for more personal use with gaming, music and movie listening

    IM GOING WITH THE GRADOS! oh yeah! and i plan on buying a seperate mic that can attach to the wire of the headphones so i can still do some gaming

    thanks for the help
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