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Can you guys tell me how to access the info my Rosewill Hard Drive? I took info from a PC and transferred to to Rosewill and have it hooked up via a USB to my macbook pro...I need to grab music files and it wants to access using time machine which asks if I want to erase it?? HELP!
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  1. Reattach it to the PC. Check to see what file system is on the drive, NTFS or FAT32? If NTFS you will need to reformat it; then use FAT32 (or exFAT if you really need to store large files like video files over 4Gb).
  2. If you do reformat it, you will loose all files on it. So you will need to backup first.

    Does OSX not read NTFS anyway? Sure it will not write, but at least you can grab files?
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