Is this keyboard+mouse custom combo good?

I was thinking of a Microsoft SideWinder X4 + Logitech MX620 this combo is around 120 NZD (87 USD)
or should i get the Logitech MX518 which is cheaper then a MX620(Not a gaming mouse)
I do some gaming maybe 65% of the time and the rest is browsing the web or doing some productivty stuff

If you have any other recommendations please inform me about it :D
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  1. I would say stick to a Razer combo. Although mouse and keyboard should be a users preference. You cant expect good resolutions on this subject from other users. Everyone's selection differs.

    I use a Razer Imperator mouse and the Arctosa keyboard. Thoroughly enjoying it!
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    An MX-518 is a no-brainer great mouse for gaming and anything else plus they're cheap now.
    Look for a logitech G110 keyboard on sale.
    Purchased mine for $65 Canadian taxes included.
    I also own a Razer Deathadder which is also a great mouse.
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