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I'm looking to put a Crucial M4 128gb SSD into an older desktop computer. I know I have an available SATA port on the motherboard, I was wondering if there were any other cables or adapters I would need. Thanks!
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  1. no but if it is SATAII or 3Gbs you are not going to get the best performance . .but still worth an upgrade.
  2. What about getting power to it? I have 6 pin power plugs for several hard drives, but the Crucial M4 looks like it doesn't fit with those
  3. what PSU do you have?
    the 6 pin plugs are for graphics.
    chances are you might need one of these :

    StarTech 6" 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable Adapter $2.99
  4. 4 pin, my bad! It's also older, 430 watts, not sure what brand.
  5. look up
  6. As long it had Sata II and sata power cables from the psu....

    (if not u will need tho buy molex to sata adaptor, edit : as pic above)

    Even the old desktop just used for simple office task or browsing or watching movie... it will breath new life into it with ssd...

    edit: don't forget to set to aschi in the bios and leave only ssd connected when installing os...
  7. Yes that's what I'm looking for. Are there any other adapters I would need? Will I need an IDE connecter adapter as well?

  8. i thought you had a sata port? that takes a SATA data cable
  9. nacos said:
    Yes that's what I'm looking for. Are there any other adapters I would need? Will I need an IDE connecter adapter as well?

    did the motherboard had sata II port?

    If it only had sata I or IDE port in the mobo then SSD is not worth it.... (please make sure before u buy the ssd)

    It'll bottleneck the ssd so the performance will same as normal HDD.............
  10. Yes, I have a sata port, but on the M4 the data pins look quite a bit longer than SATA. Just wondering if thats going to work
  11. what motherboard do you have . .lets make sure.
  12. This is only a short fix while I save up to build a new computer, I'll be moving the ssd to a newer setup eventually so I don't mind if it doesn't preform at it's full potential
  13. I didn't build the computer so I'm not sure what motherboard, but it's definitely got sata 2 as well as IDE
  14. Err in that case go ahead,...

    btw as looniam says what mobo do you have just to make sure.......

    Edit : there is 2 port in SSD, the sata port and sata power port

    the shorter one is for sata cables to the mobo (data), the longer for sata power from PSU?

    Is that what u means by "data pins look quite a bit longer than SATA"?
  15. ok.
    sata I is only 157 MBs transfer, sata II is 300MBs and sata III is 600MBs. so it does take sata III to exceed the ~550MBs of most good SSDs.
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