P6x58d premium Windows xp3 won't load onto a 6gb HD

Windows XP3 PRO will not install on a WD 6gb HD using the Asus P6x85D premium 6gb connection.

I have a 1TB Western Digital 6gb HD. I connected the HD to the 6gb connector on the Asus board.

The drive identifier does appear briefly when the computer boots up.

Western Digital Diagnostics 5.04 cannot find the drive.
The drive does not appear in the BIOS.
The drive is functional. I used the WD Diagnostics disk on another computer and the disk checks out perfectly (using the extended check).

Using the non-6B SATA connection, I was able to load Windows XP Pro SP3.
Using the 6GB SATA connection, I was able to successfully load Ubuntu 10.
Using the 6GB SATA connection, when Windows is about to load onto the hard disk, I get a BSOD error.

I have 6gb of RAM

Why won't Windows XP3 Pro load using a 6gb connector?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    First there is absolutely ZERO benefit to run ANY mechanical HDD on SATA3 ports. At best your HDD whether it has a SATA2 or SATA3 interface -- is 1/2 of the SATA2 300 MB/s speed.

    In order for it to run the Marvell, in Windows XP SP3 the Marvell 912x Controller Driver must be installed and in the BIOS the Marvell must be enabled. In addition, since you moved stuff around see this link -> from

    Latest Windows drivers -
  2. I'm utterly perplexed. I thought that a 6gb hard disk would need a 6gb cable connected to a 6gb SATA connection. Am I wrong?

    I don't know why I can see the 6gb drive fly by as the system boots up but the drive doesn't appear in BIOS.

    Why was I able to install Ubuntu without any problems but not XP3 Pro?

    I'm not trying to be stupid. I bought the same combination of hardware as others so I thought it would be easy.

    From the Western Digital site:

    "Interface - WD Caviar Black hard drives are offered with a SATA 6 Gb/s or a SATA 3 Gb/s interface."

    To me, it sounds like I should be connecting the 6 Gb/s hard disk to a SATA 6Gb interface, no?
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    * The SATA2/3 cables are exactly the same - no differences.
    * The SATA3 drives are not listed in the BIOS like SATA2 drives. On that MOBO about all you can do is access the RAID functions boot & Ctrl + M.
    * XP SP3 has a more limited library than newer OSes, and the links I provided should resolve the issues.
    * Again, your HDD will NOT perform better on that SATA3.

    If it were me, similar solution, I would have installed XP SP3 using nLite and added the Drivers in much the same way a SATA RAID drivers are added. Although, I've seen problems no matter how you go about it.

    nLite ->
    XP SP3 ISO {clean} ->
  4. A review of the literature will in fact show that the there is some benefit to running mechanical Hard Drives on a 6 GB/s connection. While the mechanical speed of the drive can not rip data fast enough off the spinning platter to get near SATA 6 speeds , it must be recognized that the drive's cache has no such limitation. And when you have a 64 MB cache, that can be significant. When I 1st read a review on one of the new SATA III drives and the reviewer opted to test it on a SATA II connection, I was quite surprised the difference was of the magnitude it was. Don't get excited, it's not twice the speed, but it did raise my eyebrows.

    As for the cables, they are not supposed to be different. Then again, the same was supposed to be true of SCSI cables and back when I had bunch of those, the guys over at Granite Digital and I were on a 1st name basis as I always found myself replacing the MoBo provided cables w/ those from Granite....several of them still in use and yes, the differences were evident in benchmark testing. I can't say as yet I have had personal experience with better cables as I have not ventured into the world of SATA III on my own boxes. Built quite a few for others but haven't had them around long enough to do more than set the OC and get it out the door.

    And if ya notice, MoBo manufacturers provide different sets of cables for SATA III versus SATA II. On Asus's new boards w/ SATA III capability, the SATA III cable are white tipped. I have yet to get an answer as to why they are doing that.
  5. Thanks for the nLite link. I wish I knew about that program 50+ installs ago (and I don't even do this for a living). Sigh.

    If there's no difference between 3gbs and 6gbs hard disks with respect to speed, then why does Western Digital make them?

    Would I be any better off buying Windows 7? (gag!). I have an Intel i7-950 CPU.

    The only reason for a Windows OS is that I have two photo processing programs that are very hardware/CPU intensive. The rest of the time I'm on Ubuntu (loaded on a separate hard disk)

    The following seems to explain why XP3 Pro won't install on SATA III (it's an old OS) but Ubuntu will:

    "Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) enables support for hot-plugging and native command queuing, but only the newest operating systems supports this interface. Therefore one have enable it explicitly in the motherboard BIOS."
  6. JackNaylorPE said:
    A review of the literature will in fact show that the there is some benefit to running mechanical Hard Drives on a 6 GB/s connection.

    I don't want to argue over SATA3 HDDs, I have seen the tests and done them myself. The 'gain' is burst and the fact the HDD itself has a larger cache. Odder yet, some MOBOs in RAID perform better using the SATA2 even with the ultra-fast Crucial C300 SSD. Trust me -- it really pi$$ed me off, I ended up buying an LSI SATA3 RAID Card.

    HD Tune
    Notes: Single run for each link speed.
    -SATA3 600 MB/s. Read top, write bottom.

    -SATA2 300 MB/s. Read top, write bottom.

  7. sam_37 said:
    If there's no difference between 3gbs and 6gbs hard disks with respect to speed, then why does Western Digital make them?

    Hmm dupe people who don't know the difference between R/W speeds & Interfaces?! It's the Interface that's 600 MB/s it sure the heck isn't the HDD speed.
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