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Alright, here's the situation. My sister's old macbook pro was slowing down so I ordered her a new hard drive and was planning on reinstalling os x and all that jazz. Before I had a chance to, her mac actually stopped booting. It now goes to a flashing folder and can not boot up. Were fine with a fresh install but she needs to recover her files from the old hard drive. I took it out of the mac and connected it to my computer. The problem is when I go to disk management I see it and it recognizes it, its online, and drivers are installed. But it does not show up in my computer as an accessible drive and my only options in disk management are "delete" and "help". How do I get this drive to be readable so I can transfer files to my external hard drive? Ive read tons of things online but nothing seems to be helping here. Thanks all!
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  1. the problem is the mac drive is formatted with a different filesystem (HFS+ I think) that windows can't read. best solution would be to get that fresh install on the mac, put the old drive in a sata enclosure ($10) and plug it into the USB port and hope that it works well enough to copy files over
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    this might also be helpful

    no experience so YMMV.
  3. bliq00 said:
    this might also be helpful

    no experience so YMMV.

    Excellent program good sir. Extracting everything I need off of it now. Thank you thank you!
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