Out of storage, how to work out a second hard drive?

I got ripped off so bad on my hard drive, I recently built a computer and I mistakenly bought this 172GB HDD and now I am literally out of storage, I have to uninstall games to install new ones (I'm a PC gamer). So, I'm wondering if I can somehow use a second one? It would be wasteful to buy a new one and replace this perfectly good one, or how about an external hard drive? I'm going to be purchasing from Microcenter. Ask me for the info. you need on my computer. Thanks.
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  1. what is the make and model of that hard drive? I've never heard of a 172GB hard disk.
  2. I would ne looking at a much larger drive.... 1TB or 2. Then clone it.
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    It is pretty easy to just add a secong hard drive. You just sort of plug it in right next to the existing drive. When you boot windows should see it and make it the D:\ or E:\ drive.

    Then you can move large folders like the my music, or my pictures to it as well as install game to the new drive.
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