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got a quick question, I am going to purchase a new graphics card for my box, and have done plenty of GPU research this past month trying to decide on the best card for my needs. There's a lot of discussion about power consumption on the new 470s and 480s, ("it can power a small city", "I can heat my room, cook my food, etc . . .") but what are some real world #s when it comes to electricity bill? Are we talking an extra $20/month?, 30? more? Anyone monitor power consumption : electricity bill? Id really like to hear from some of you who have kept tabs on this. Thanks in advance!


PS. I use my machine for both gaming and design work (maybe 30hrs/wk), and was considering the new nvidia cards because of cuda and the new adobe CS5 suite compatibility, namely the new 64bit capable after effects app/open GL, but heard so much about power consumption . . .
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    This THG article will give you a ball park estimate: Power Consumption Test System And Electricity Cost
    Remember - those are total system power costs and not just the video card.
    Its not going to wreak havoc on your electricity bill.

  2. Here are the THG articles for those charts - the systems weren't identical, but both were top end machines of their day.
    GeForce GTX 480 And 470
    ATI Radeon HD 5970 2GB
  3. PERFECT, that is what i was looking for, so it looks like about a $15/month cost (which is about $7 more than my current set up), not too bad, and those tests were for 40hrs/wk at 100% CPU and GPU, thanks for the info WR2!
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