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I've got a seagate barracuda harddrive that plugs into the master end of my ATA cable coming from the motherboard (excuse me if i say anything stupid i am completely new at this stuff - this is how i've interpreted the situation from a quick look over).

I have previously had a working CD/DVD drive plugged into the slave section of the ATA cable, but I took it out when I stopped using my computer for a while..

(first time attempt at building a computer wasn't very successful)

Now when I plug it back in to the same spot the computer fails to boot and says Disk read error. I literally have no clue what to do.. it used to work but I can't quite remember how I got it working. Any ideas?
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  1. well i've given up

    i ordered an external cd/dvd writer from amazon

    thanks anyway...
  2. If this is on the same cable as the hard drive you have to make sure that the master slave jumpers are set correctly. (if using Cable select then they have to be on correct ends of the cable.
    look at outside of devices for jumper settings.
  3. There don't seem to be any jumpers on it.. so what does that mean? It definitely worked before on the middle of the cable 100% and I wouldn't have touched jumpers if there were any. What's next?
  4. Being in the middle of cable it was/is probally using cable select.(top or end cable is the master and bottom or not the end is slave)
    If you look at the back of the drive next to where the cable plugs in there are jump jax pins (typically 8 pins in two rows) that are used to tell if the drive is master, slave, cable select, and sometimes special functions.
    Does the drive have a picture that shows those pins? if not give us the model # of the drive.
    Does your MoBo have a secondary IDE on the board, you could use another ide cable and connect this drive as a secondary master.
    Can you give a number for your motherboard?
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