Acer Aspire L310

Hey,I have a question can I replace my mother board in Acer A L310 and which format do i need to buy micro-atx or mini-atx etc.?
Here's picture of my computer
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    just from the photo ... it apears tht the rear port panel is "fully integrated" with (is a permanent part of) the system case.

    The placement of i/o ports, varies by manufaturer .. and .. since the ports are not housed within a smaller (cutout) sub-panel, I would bet all of your lunch money that any other mobo would be unlikely to fit those holes.

    = Al = (even another Acer model)
  2. I have problem there's no sound.
  3. well ... could be a simple sw/driver (missing/not-selected) issue.

    I'm just gonna throw this link at you ... because I am a lazy hack.
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