How do I find a windows xp log file

I contacted a Music download company (MusicDrug) about an error I thought was on a program I installed. They came back with the following:
Please follow this simple steps:
1) Find MediaDrug's log file which is located here:
win c:\users\<User name>\
2) Reply to this email with the log file attached

Trouble is I cannot find this path or file
Any help will be most welcome
John M.
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  1. You don't see a folder with your username on it under the users folder on the C: drive?

    Open My Computer (XP) or Computer(Vista and 7) double click the Local Disk C: drive double click the users folder. You should see a folder labeled with your username you use to login to your computer with.
  2. Sorry, but I don't have that path option on my XP machine. I don't have to log on to my machine, it just eventually lights up once the button is pressed

    All I have is from
    Local Disc (C):
    Documents and Settings
    My Downloads
    Program Files
    Program Data

    I have done a search on the word "MediaDrug" and most things that came back for it were .exe files in the Document and Settings and then either "Owner\Local Settings\Temp\MediaDrug" or "Program Files\MediaDrug\MediaDrug" Administrator"

    Several would not light up with a message saying
    "This application has failed to start because BASS.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

    In the Docs & Settings folder there is:
    + Administrator
    + All Users
    + Default User
    + Owner

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful but as you can guess, I am by no means an expert.
    It would probably help me if I could see the path folders of where someone else's log file is.
    But Thanks
  3. Look for a MediaDrug folder under each folder in Docs&Settings... My guess is it's under the Administrator folder. Inside of the MediaDrug folder there will be a log folder that stores the log files.
  4. I think I found it - It was in C:\Docs & Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaDrug\log and there are some Text Documents for various dates - when the program seemed to freeze. I hope that is what they want.
    Many Thanks - I'll let you know how it goes
  5. Yup, their log files are .txt files...
  6. I suppose searching on the word "log" might have speeded things up a bit, if only I had known...........!

    Oh Blimey, I just have and there are 3167 of them!
    Thanks again
  7. lol... yea, searching for log or .txt would have done it but you will pull all log and .txt from your PC instead of the one you were looking for.
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