Need help!!!!!need solved asap

i lost 2 of my cpu cores when i was trying to put the clock on my i7 920 down cause it was getting a little bit hot. I bumped it down to 3 ghz and then eventaully everything auto(stock) and it still wont show my other 2 cores !!!!

asus p6t
i7 920
win 7
6 gb ram 1600
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  1. also ... turn turbo off
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    clear/reflash bios ?
  3. Check to see if you would have enabled the manual core control in the bio's and if so make sure all cores are enabled. You also can set it to auto and it should enable all cores.
  4. i updated the bios to the latest version and it worked, the thing is a didnt change any settings in the first place just the clock speed.... weird
  5. Sometimes the bios "registers" get "stuck" ... A hard refresh is sometimes required.

    = Al = Glad you are "ALL GOOD" and Thankyou for the report !
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  7. thnx!
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