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when choosing a pci video card for a ten year old computer, to watch video thats in sync, any advice
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  1. Do they make them anymore?
    Try replacing the Motherboard with a better on-board Graphics adapter, it's going to cost you the same if it's compatible with the existing Processor and ram, plus you'll have an option of better graphics cards if it has a PCIe slot for later on upgrading if that time ever comes.
    Sorry Bad answer, at that time they didn't have the PCIe mobos, so most probably you'll not find a mobo with those specs, rather go in for a mobo with an AGP slot and you'll get a good Geforce Card..... most probably the 4xxx series that ought to do the job you want it to. But PCI is just not going to happen :(
  2. Yes, they DO still make PCI video cards!!! :bounce:

    I have a "HIS Radeon HD 4350 Silence 512MB DDR2 PCI Low Profile Graphics Card" card in my old Dell machine (2000), and I disabled the onboard video (in BIOS), all so I could install/run WIndows 7. Runs GR8! :D

    I purchased mine from MicroCenter for $99.00: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0317107

    Several online retailer sell them. When choosing the card, make sure you select "PCI" or "PCI Conventional." Do not choose PCI-e or PCI Express.

    I'd check MicroCenter, TigerDirect, CompUSA, and, of course NewEgg. Here's what I'd recommend:


    I'd get the latest graphics technology that you can, with the most memory. Manufacter doesn't matter, which ever appeals to you.

    The Radeon 4xxx series is the latest, and seems like 512MB is the highest (most common) DDR2 memory. (I think I saw a 1GB memory model from Sparkle, but can't remember where I saw it [eBay?]).

    Best of luck, although no luck is involved. It's NOT that uncommon as people think! :hello:

    BTW: I run the same graphics drivers on both my machines. One has the Radeon 4350 listed, and my other machine has a Radeon 4870 (one of the highest rates graphics cards out there). They are the ATI drivers, v10.3. No problems!

    P.S. I don't know why my links aren't working, just cut and paste into a new tab. :??:
  3. thanks for ur replies n time
  4. I fixed my URL's. Now the links work! :hello:
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