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Hey all. Looking for the best case for air cooling: 980x, Noctua NH-D14, asus rampage3, 2x gtx 460, 850HX PSU, mushkin 6GB, one ssd, probably 2 1TB data drives...

So far I've been looking at:

Let me know your thoughts!!

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  1. I would go for the HAF 932, it has more ventilation and has an abundance of space.
  2. I would never put so much money in a case. Newegg has the rosewill cruiser gaming case for just $54.99 after promo code. They also have an xfx 650w modular power supply (same as pc power and cooling) with xfx gt 250 video card for $99.99 after $70 of mail in rebates. The link is at slickdeals and fatwallet. I buy cases closeout at frys electronics stores. They had the GMC bulldozer for only $5 after rebate recently. And this isn't a good time of year to purchase pc components. The end of the year is much better.
  3. anyone know how the 942 measures up to the 932? It looks a LOT cleaner inside.
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    The HAF-X (942) is a vastly improved model and it is the best in the HAF series (being the least ugliest looking also IMO).. At 199$ its a killer case to have.. Comparing to the 932, HAF-X has more spacing, a better cable routing system, better cooling etc..etc..etc.. The list extends on all aspects.. Its bigger compared to the 932 and comes with more features.. No point getting the 932 over it (if you can afford obviously)..
  5. " Its more huge " didn't know that was a phrase... Its all good though
  6. Computerrock1 said:
    " Its more huge " didn't know that was a phrase... Its all good though

    Yeah me too.. Sorry about that.. I've edited it now.. Hopefully it makes better sense (grammaticaly) now.. Thanks for pointing out..
  7. no need for all of those a haf 922 is great it's big as a fulltower very roomy great for aircooling can hold a 5970 and an nh-d14.

    and remember you will be looking at the monitor not the case so looks arent that important plus whats inside the case is what matters.
  8. Since you can afford a 980x, and you want the best aircooling, it's pretty much the HAF X or nothing. So much room, well built, amazing aircooling.
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