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Hi everyone,

I was planning on buying a whole new system to replace the 6-year old ailing P4 tragedy that sits in my room currently. Unfortunately (fortunately?) a shorted power supply has pushed up my timetable a little bit. I'm not looking to buy everything now, as I don't have the funds, but I figured I would just replace the PSU with whatever I'm going to use in my final build, which will look something like below:

Budget: $1300ish

Core i7 7xx/9xx
Some LGA 1156/1366 board
2 other SATA drives (probably 2 500's I have lying around)
1 GeForce 460 (upgrading to SLI when the funds come in)

Looking at my system, I was thinking that I would need a 750W PSU (please correct me if I am wrong), especially with an eye @ going to SLI very soon.

I was looking at the XFX Black 750w.

I did some reading, and it seems that although there are a few better PSU's out there @ 750, none of them come close to $100 right now. PLEASE INFORM ME IF I AM WRONG HERE! I don't particularly want to overspend on my PSU, but if there's one place not to cut corners, I think it's here.

I noticed, however, that there is a combo deal with the Lian Li Lancool case. All included, I basically get the Lancool case for $50. I have heard that there are issues with the quality and especially with reaching Lancool or Lian Li. I also understand that this case is plastic/steel. I've heard it has pretty good airflow. Can anybody attest to that/what's your setup if you have this case? Lastly, if I install an aftermarket CPU cooler, will I have enough clearance?

I was inclined to go on the cheaper side for the case, since it's just going to sit in my room, but it seems like this Lian Li case is a steal @ $50, and beats out most other comparably-priced cases. Should I bite on this deal? Please note that I am not building my system on any sort of tight schedule, so I can wait for deals and such.


1. Is the XFX 750x a steal @ $100? I would get this even without the case deal unless there is a better alternative.
2. Is the Lian Li Lancool a steal @ $50? Anything else I should be looking at there?
3. Is there a way to disconnect all the blue LED's on the Lancool? I would like to sleep at night...(EDIT I think the LED's are all attached to the corresponding fans, although I'm not sure)
4. Will 750W be sufficient for this build? The XFX 650 is offered @ $80 with the Lancool bundled in for $50 more as well.

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  1. 1. That XFX PSU is a quality product and a real steal at that price.. Don't miss it..

    2. Lancool is a Lian-Li subsidiary but they are not top notch in quality as original Lian-Li cabinets.. But they are good none the less..

    3. Only few cases come with out of the box arrangements for LED turn offs.. However, you can implement it by introducing a little wiring and few switch arrangements..

    4. Don't go for a GTX 260.. Grab a GTX 460 1GB instead.. They would surpass a single GTX 480's performance when you SLI them in future..
  2. Sorry, that is completely what I meant Emperus! 2x460's. Edited original post to reflect that.
  3. I disabled several lights on my Rig by snipping the led wires on the fan, Lian Li's are nice looking cases, I'd grab it for 50 dollars,pounds or whatever,
    but then I'd mod it to within an inch of its life :P
  4. Newegg has a rosewill cruiser gaming case for only $54.99 after promo code. It has pretty good airflow. I've had good luck with them.
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