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Im using Asus Crosshair V Formula.

I have Windows installed/running on: 3 SSD 60GB Raid 0 (stripe) Using ports 1/2/3

I decided to Plug in my trusty, fully working WD Caviar Mechanical Drive to Sata port 5. Bios doesn't detect. Plugged into sata 4. Bios doesn't detect. No matter what I do, Bios wont detect.

On this Mobo, when you set the controller to raid, it sets all 6 sata ports to raid. I was told that, even the the controllers are set to raid, I can still plug in the non raid mechanical in and it will be fine.

Any ideas why my bios wont pick up my mechanical drive?

**Note** I have my optical drive in sata port six, and its fine. Works fine.

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  1. those serial ports may belong to the third party chipset. the bios will only see the drives connected to the intel chipset. so you need to install the correct drivers in windows for the 3rd party chipset.
  2. The 6 main sata ports are controlled by AMD SB950.
    Thres a 7th port, which is an E-sata ports, and thats ASMedia ASM1061 controlled.

    Im having issues with the 6 main ports, and drivers are up to date.
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