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Hi all,

I am hooking up my laptop to my Philips 47' HDTV in order to play 1080p movie w/o a blu-ray player. The hookup is via VGA port.

The picture is perfect, the only problem I faced is occasional lag every 3 sec, which I suspect is due to the low-end laptop(the laptop only has integrated graphic card).

My question is: Is this problem really due to the laptop? Because from what I see in the forum so far, people with high-end graphic card had problems as well.

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  1. What is the video card of the laptop?

    I do believe an ATi 3200 or Intel 4500 HD would handle HD movies well enough. Lower graphics cards have trouble with HD videos in general, or high-bitrate videos.
  2. The video card is a Geforce 7150M / nForce 630M. Laptop is duo core 1.8 GHz, 1 GB Ram. Pretty low-end I supposed. But surprising, other than the spike lag problem, the HD movies ran pretty well when I connect this cheap laptop to my HDTV. The display is especially pretty.

    I was wondering whether this lag problem is 100% due to the lack of appropriate graphic card. If so, can a geforce 8400M do the job?
  3. You could try updating the drivers from nvidia's website. If your video card isn't supported, you could try:

    Then try playing the video on your laptop only. The 7150 might be able to play it, but it would probably choke once in a while. Also double check, if your cpu usage is at 50% while playing video, then it would really indicate that the video card isn't doing all the decoding work.

    The 8400M might be better, but it doesn't seem to have hardware h264 decoding (which may impact performance). The 8400M GT however does support h264 decoding on hardware, which would pretty much guarantee that it could play hd videos.
  4. Okay that is some awesome information, thanks amnota!

    I played the 1080p video on the laptop only and it works perfect! I'll try the updating trick.

    (ps: amazingly, I do have another laptop that has the said 8400M! (sony vaio SZ). Though its been in repair for 3 weeks so far...)
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