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I used to own a Creative Zen 60gb mp3 player, but it broke. It has a fujisu laptop hdd in it, but my pc says the disk is unallocated/unformatted. Any ideas how to get the music off it, maybe its got a linux format that windows doesn't understand?
My only experience is with windows realy but I have a spare disc for another OS. Any pointers to try would be a help, & I'll keep you posted how I'm getting along, or is all of my music gone to silicon heaven :(
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  1. you could boot from an Ubuntu or Fedora LiveCD and then see if you can access the drive.
  2. My heavens, an antique collector. My Creative Nomad Jukebox still works, or at least it did the last time that I applied power.
  3. The little usb connection broke inside, so I dismantled it. No joy with ubuntu, still comes up unallocated. But on the up side ubuntu said one of my drives is missaligned which will give me something to do this afternoon whilst playing starwars rebellion. I'll email creative & keep my fingers crossed.

    NM I found the answer, they use their own file system on the mp3 players ( ) guess all my tunes have gone where all the little toasters go when they die. Thanks for the suggestion
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