Which Gaming Keyboard Should I Purchase?

Hello Everyone!

I'm in need of a new keyboard. Since I mainly use my pc to game I was looking at some of the gaming keyboards. Are they worth it?

These were the two that I was looking at. Let me know which one you think I should go for!

Razer Lycosa

Logitech G110
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  1. I like my logitech G15, but the G110 looks good.
  2. I too vote for the Logitech here.. Personally i feel they exhibit better build quality than their Razer counterparts.. Saitek is another brand which makes quality gaming keyboards..
  3. I have both and the Razer's a rma due to all the associated issues.
    Google it.
    The G110 has performed flawlessly.
  4. My cousing has the G110 and says he rarely uses the extra programable keys on the side.

    I have the steel series Merc Stealth and love the gamepad, as I've been a gamepad user for many years.
  5. I've had the G110, and have had it for over 6mos. now. It is a really nice keyboard. I don't use the G keys in gaming but I do have them programged for the things like the calculator, and other shortcuts. It's really nice, has headphone jacks, and a USB plug. The keys feel really nice and the keyboard is just made with quality. No complaints at all. I have a RAZER mouse, have had it for a few years now and I don't think anyone makes a better mouse than RAZER but their keyboards felt really cheap to me when I was doing my research on what keyboard to get.

    Just my two cents...
  6. Hello friends,

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    Allow your fingers some comfort by choosing the best.
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