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my desktop suddently got blue screen with memory error and after i restart it, it doesnt allow me to re-enter windows, and i'm stuck at windows error recovery. I've tried both options, launch startup repair and start windows normally. the later one doesnt let me enter windows, and repair option cant find previous system image nor fix i am kind of stuck there.

can someone help me out? is there anyway to fix it?

i am thinking to reinstall windows, but i bought this gateway pc 2 years ago, and i upgraded its os to windows 7. I only have windows 7 ugprade disc now

how can i reinstall windows 7 with vista to wins7 upgrade disc?

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  1. in windows error recovery option, i checked " load drivers", but it doesnt show up anything from my c driver (system), is it data corruption?
  2. Quote:
    That Load drivers is to browse for your Hard Drive .inf driver files. Tell the details of your hard drive.

    If you are successful in locating your HDD drivers, then try using System Restore in Windows Error Recovery.


    I only has 1 HDD hooked with desktop now, and its shows 3 HDD in load drivers, C Driver has 0GB, and 2 other drivers has many drivers in it.

    when i tried to restore system in eorry recovery, and it keeps saying it cant find previous system image. so i tried start up repair in windows error recovery, and after 5 hours, it says it successfully fix error and ask me to restart pc. However when I restart pc, it entered windows with black screen and a mouse cursor (i can move mouse cursor, but the screen is black.) after 2 hours waitting in black screen, it restarts automatically, and this time i enter recovery page with only safe mode, safe mode with network, safe mode with command, and start windows normally., even i press F8. No matter what options i choose, i only get black screen with mouse cursor.

    my spec

    CPU: Intel Q8200
    RAM: 6RAM
    GPU: AMD 6670

  3. after i did start up repair, when i turn on my pc, its only shows 4 options at system error recovery now.

    1. safe mode
    2: safe mode with network
    3: safe mode wtih command prompt
    4: start windows normally

    no matter which one i choose it enter black screen with a mouse cursor in it...

    my desktop is gateway 4820-05h, and original OS is vista, but i get a free upgrade disc to windows 7 from gateway since i purchased it on late 09. I saw this option at booting page, rest is dvd rom or removal drive, so i assume this is my hdd model #/numbr. WDC WD6400 AAKS-22A7B

    i really appreciate your help. thanks
  4. hi
    my laptop is vista, are there anyway to create a windows 7 system repair disc online? or i will borrow win7 laptop from a friend tomorrow.
  5. okay i will borrow his laptop this afternoon. I just have couple questions.

    all windows laptop can make system repair disc as long as it has a dvd burner, rite?

    once i load the file from gateway, if it works, i should be able to do system restore in the advance error recovery, rite. do i need system image? cuz i dont have any system image disc.

  6. Quote:
    Sorry but you will have to borrow a Windows 7 laptop from your friend for 30 minutes.

    thanks, it works now, i can restore it back to factory default after i use recovery repair disc.
    tho i lose all my c drive data (sc2 installed, 5 steam games installed, and some personal files which i have it back up).

    my factory deafult is vista, so i upgraded it to windows 7 through upgrade disc. is it normal that windows 7 will download and install video card driver automatically? cuz when i upgraded my video card on summer, i have to install driver from amd manually. but thanks for saving $800 for me...i already order a new laptop from staples...i will cancel it tonite. thanks you very much
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