Warranty serial number??? 5850 sapphire game edition

I'm trying to register my 5850 sapphire game edition in the sapphire website. It's asking me for serial number.

where is this serial number??
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  1. there is a PN number and a SKU#

    there is a sticker on top of a sticker (in upc)

    the sticker on top says "HD5850 1gb PCIE" and below that has some numbers like "110375-4CODSR" <- is this it?

    those are the only numbers is UPC

    EDIT: i guess "pn" means product number?
  2. can someone help , i don't have a clue...
  3. which number is it ? pn or sku#
  4. It is not the PN or the SKU. I just checked the back of my old spare x1950 pro and there is a third number on a separate sticker with a bar code above. Their RMA form says it is written on the back of the card (PCB) so that must be the number.
  5. there is a barcode made in china and a number .... i seriously hope that's not it , how does that even indicate that is Serial Number.

    if that's not it than there's no other numbers
  6. I'll make this clearer :

    there are 3 barcodes , below each one there is a number (pn,sku, and made in china )
  7. There is no indication on my card either that it is the serial but knowing that it is not the other two leaves me with only one option.
    If you put in that number they will simply reject it if it is not the correct one and you get another try.
  8. alirght i entered that number , and it accepted it.

    i hope that was the right one...
  9. It is the right one, I remember mistyping (leaving out a character) and got rejected.
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