Corsair extreme iv cpu red light no connection

hello im having issues with my computer, yay! so a little info, first time build, got everyhing working and was working for a month and then i go out of town for 4 weeks i come back try to load up and when i do it powers up fans spinning lights gagdets at full, BUT no connection to the mouse monitor or keyboard, and when i look inside i see a red CPU light. at this point im a little confused since everything was working when i left, i also did power it down before i left so i dont know how it could be an over heated cpu i have no idea, im a noob and i love it. im very very mad right now so obviously im probably not providing the right information. please let me know what i need to do/tell you to figure this stuff out thanks alot
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I assume it's not protected by UPS and if you had a storm while you were away an outage, spike and/or surge could have damaged the PSU. Next time, unplug.

    If you have another PSU that you can borrow from another PC try it.

    Failure, minimize the connections and componets: 1 stick of RAM, no keyboard/mouse, unplug all SATA connections, unscrew MOBO and PCIe then dangle the MOBO from the case while not touching anything conductive supported by a towel -- try the power button to see if it posts.
  2. i dont have another cpu but i will try the bottom part
  3. PSU - Power Supply Unit.
  4. so i tried what you said but i must have done something wrong here, i turn on my power supply a few lights show up but when i hit power it doesnt boot up, no fans nothing
  5. oh yea i meant to put psu sorry
  6. If you did what I said then in order my assumption of the problems: 1. PSU, ........... 2. MOBO, 3. CPU.
  7. alright sounds good to me, i ordered a new psu and if it theres no changes i can always get a refund, but it sounds like it may be the culprit. i live in socal and we tend to have electricity issues quite frequently
  8. The PSU should be under warranty. I live in Florida and we have both - brown outs & lightning --- hence the UPS {Uninterrupted Power Supply}. I put them on everything $ electronic: TV, PC, Stereo, etc.
  9. i tried out another psu, and i still have a red light next to cpu and its not connecting to the monitor, the monitor light turned green for a second then went to orange, orange is when its not connected to anything but has power
  10. and the red cpu light is still on bold not flasing
  11. theuberleet said:
    and the red cpu light is still on bold not flasing

    Well if it was me, I would pull the memory, reinstall it in different banks and reset the bios. DO you get a beep of any sort? Try looking up a beep code if you do. Is this a Crosshair IV Extreme? If so, what memory are you using with it? I only ask cause I'm building that board and currently waiting on confirmed qualified memory to become available.
  12. Do you have an after-market CPU Fan? If so and the backplate is metal with no plastic washer/plate then remove the backplate and install plastic washers. You can use any plastic that is thick and cut it to size. Otherwise if it's the stock fan or the backplate is already plastic --- chances are a bad CPU. :(

    I build systems and as same with most computer shops - they have testing CPUs like Sempron 140 to rule-out bad components.

    I was hoping the PSU was the issue, and likewise your CPU typically carries a 3 year warranty. In situations like this it's nearly impossible 'guess' sight unseen what's the core problem, but as above a stripped-down 'testing' setup places the 'problem(s)' down to the PSU, MOBO, CPU. Typically, a blown PSU goes for the MOBO and GPU before hitting the CPU, but it seems the PSU wasn't bad or at least doesn't seem to be the issue.

    Hopefully, it's a simple matter of a backplate short.

    In any case let us know.
  13. i have an h70 water cooling system for my cpu, its backplate is plastic i believe, im not at my house right now. i sent in for a replacement cpu it should be here within the next few days
  14. I hope that solves the problem for you. Please let me know. Thanks.
  15. so i have experienced the same problem and we been ad it for 2 hours or something and finally got it fixed by reading the manual and some tips and then did a couple of them and all were pointed out to the ram and cpu.

    What i did was the following.

    1. extra power to the motherboard by the four pin plug coming from the PSU what then happened was the dram led and the CPU led fleshing red. so we removed the extra four pin that provided power. thought we were overheating it.

    2. then we tried switching video card and plug in HDMI and VGA switching it constantly thinking it was my video card that was the problem but it was not.

    3. then we removed the heatsink from the CPU and switch it the other way around.

    4. remove both ram cards from slot 1 and 2 then place one ram card in slot four and then clear bios (most asus overclock motherboard has the easy clear bios bottom)

    5. turn the pc on and booted to POST. witch me and my friend started dancing and says the words nice, nice, NICE, NICE SWEEEET. .... lol... oke

    6. then tried the second ram in slot 3 and it still worked fine so hope this helps u guys

    try to check if the ram is plugged in right and if the click goes or try different slots.

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