Two OS combined? Formatting trouble

Hey there,

I previously ran 32bit windows 7 and have no upgraded to 64 bit. I didn't format the old operating system from the hard drive because of files and transferring them over would be much easier etc. The 32 bit and 64 bit windows are both installed on separate hard drives completely separate from one another.

Trouble is, I cannot now format the hard drive containing the 32 bit install. I have tried to make the hard drive inactive but when i restarted my pc i got a boot manager error and had to repair windows. If anyone would help me out, would be great.

I have tried a lot of solutions yet none seem to work.

A bit extra I also noticed " class="img lazy">
From looking at the image it will show you what my Disk manager looks like, notice the 'System', 'Active' I'm not too sure what I can to change that/how to change it.

Any help is much appreciated thank you
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