PC shuts off while gaming

Dear All,

My pc crashes while playing certain games. I can go on playing Bioshock 2, fifa 2010 for hours on end without anything going wrong. But I am not able to play Burnout Paradise or Mirror's edge without having the computer crash on me after every few minutes.

Description of the crash -

It never goes to a BSOD, just shuts off. Doesn't restart on its own, requires me to restart it. I turned off the automatic restart option in the system menu hoping to take a look at the BSOD but to no avail. There was also one day when this was happening while playing Bioshock as well, but when I tried playing the game the next day, all was well, and i played for several hours at a stretch and finished the game.

My specs -
intel pentium D 3.4 Ghz
intel g41 motherboard
Kingston 3.25gb Ram (32bit system)
Western Digital 150Gb
ati 4670 hd, 1 gb
LG DVD drive

My psu -
Mercury 450W
+3.3v +5v +12v1 +12v2 -12v
24A 15A 17A 16A 0.3A

I saved a log of GPU Z during one of the crashes. I'm not able to attach the txt file. Here is a link to it at easy-share.com.


when i try to get the exact amperage of the 12v rails, the HWMonitor doesn't give any individual voltage ratings. All the insides of the cabinet are clean and well dusted.

I know mine is not really a great gaming pc, but it is very dear to me as a gaming pc is to every owner. Plz help me. If you could guide me in the right direction, i will be very grateful. Reply soon.

Thank you.
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  1. What OS do you have?
    and PSU?
  2. windows xp sp2, mercury 400W psu
  3. It sounds like your cpu is overheating to me...If you have a stock cooler, improper application by user or by manufacturing could have caused overheating.
  4. To know if you CPU is overheating, download CPUID HWMONITOR
    (look it up on Google)
    And then post your temps under load and idle.
  5. Always a good idea to make sure your direct x is updated, along with video drivers (maybe a reinstall?).

    Maybe a memtest86 if heat/software isn't the issue.
  6. So, if I understand correctly your monitor shuts itself off in the middle of gameplay? I have a similar issue and I've since underclocked my GPU and downgraded my graphics in the games that cause this issue.

    Could be that your GPU is overheating. Hwmonitor will show your GPU temps. Maybe have a look at those during your gaming sessions to see how high it goes.

    MY GTS250 does the same thing. My monitor just turns off. PC is still on but I have to hit the restart button. Can't alt-tab or ctrl-alt-del.

    That's my best guess.
  7. I'm thinking opower supply is a little on the weak side esp if you've OC'd anything.
  8. problem solved guys thanks. it was the psu. i replaced it with a good quality one. now all is fine.
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