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Hi all,
I was just wondering if the Phenom II X4 is way better than the Athlon II X4. I know the Phenom offers the L3 cache of 6M, but does that improve performance enough to spend the extra $40 on it?

Here are the two I compared:

Just trying to maintain a budget and was wondering if the L3 cache is worth the money. Thanks.
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  1. Its not way better, the Phenom performs slightly better clock for clock versus the Athlon so the slightly fast speed of the phenom you are looking at will give it a slight boost to go along with its L3 cache.

    If the $40 is the difference between you going over budget or getting a better graphics card, then go for the athlon,

    Good review showing performance difference between Athlon and Phenom clocked the same, shows you just how much difference L3 cache can make.
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