My Book Essentials not showing up in MyComputer

Basically I was using my 2TB My Book Essential with my laptop early this morning when it suddenly decided to crash out on me. Being 2 in the morning, I didn't care to try and open it back up and went to bed. This morning, after re-starting my computer, it won't show up. The ding noise would come up when the USB was plugged in, but the drive wouldn't, eventually the ding wouldn't sound and the computer said it had no drivers, tech support basically gave up on me.. now it dings when plugged in but doesn't appear all over again. It DOES, however, show up under Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Devices and Printers.

I've looked up threads about my situation, the closest I've come to is a thread telling me to:
Start-Right click Computer-Disk Management.

Where I've gotten to in the thread it said to right click and Initialize, but I'm not having that option, and after dealing with this all morning and that being the closest I've come to solving this problem, I'm at a loss.

Help is greatly appreciated!

Photos if they help:

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  1. hopefully your drive is still under warranty. call the manufacturer to setup an RMA.
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