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Hello, I'm trying to connect wirelessly from a Lenovo SL410 laptop to my fully functional home network. I have unchecked the authentication box in network properties and entered the existing network key. None of these changes gets saved..when I try to connect, I get a permanent validating identity message and all of the settings I entered are erased. I can't access the router setup page because Internet Explorer loads, then encounters an error and has to close. I can run wired with no problems. What's going on here? Thanks! steve

UPDATE: My home net was set to WPA2 (from my Win7 desktop), which XP doesn't appear to offer. Had to change the security type and reboot. The IE error apparently is due to an old version, I switched to Firefox and there are no further problems.
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  1. pl do tell us the sp you are using. if i am not wrong you wll need to download a patch from microsoft to be able to run wpa2. if you are running on sp1 you are not able to connect.

    the best bet is to install sp3
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