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hi i bought a power supply for my hp itx its from the usa just wondering will it be ok in the uk if i just use my uk iec here is a link to the power supply i bought

i am a total noob when it comes to power supply's just don't want to plug it in and fly across the room !!! ;)
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    will be fine look for Active PFC (Power Factor Correction ) on most good power supplies spec sheets it means the power supply will adapt itself to the voltage its plugged into ,the bad ones have a lil red switch on the back
  2. hey thanks for the reply :)

    yea it is a Active PFC,
    so i am safe to plug in and go

    as there is no red switch on the back
  3. all good to go then
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  5. thanks for your time and information just plugged it up and no bangs!!! will keep Active PFC in mind
  6. This is wrong.... Auto Volt feature of a power supply has nothing to do with power factor correction. Power Factor and Auto are two distinct electrical parameter.

    The assessment for best answer is wrong.

    Power Factor is the ratio of real power and apparent power in an AC power system. It is dimensionless parameter from 0 to 1. With 1 being rated as more efficient load. Closer to zero mean drawing more current that what is needed.

    Good home appliance have power factor starting from .90 to closer to 1.

    Auto Power Factor Correction devices are feature of PSU to increase the power factor and make the PSU/Appliance more power efficient.

    Below is a simple reference for Power Factor for your reference:

    For further clarification talk to your local University Electrical Engineering Professor.
    Auto Volt is a different feature that enable an appliance (CRT, TV etc) or a PSU to operate for an specified voltage range (i.e. 90V AC to 260V AC, 50HZ to 60 HZ). Such device/appliance/ or PSU will can operate in different parts of the world (i.e. EU 50 HZ 240V AC, USA 60HZ 110V AC).
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