Core i5 750 Hangs HELP

Hi All ,

I am in need of desperate help , i have purchased a new system , config mentioned in my signature . my system hangs on multitasking or when switching tasks. It slows badly when two processes are running , there is nominal cpu usage in task manager and i really cant figure out what is the issue as its a new quad core processor that i have purchased running on intel mobo.....have tried both windows xp and windows 7 ...issue is there in both OS..

please help as slow processing in a quad core processor is not tolerable at all ....

Thanks in advance

Intel Core I5 750 4 Core CPU @ 2.67Ghz(Stock)
Intel DH55HC motherboard
1TB WD HDD@7200rpm
6GB Kingston DD3 RAM@1333mhz
Palit Nvidia GTX 260 216 cores 896 MB (Stock)
Samsung DVD RW
Coolermaster 500W PSU
Coolermaster Elite 310 CHASSIS
Benq 22inch Full HD LCD monitor
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  1. is there no one to help me ..??
  2. Bent CPU pins / defect CPU.
    Contact ur reseller to exchange the CPU.
  3. i had opened the the processor box by my ownself...everything was perfect.some other suggestion?
  4. Well you should make sure that no Pins are in fact bent.

    Also check to make sure no virus/malware/etc on your comp.

    Run Prime 95 to check CPU stability. 12 hrs minimum.

    Make sure RAM timings and voltage is properly set in the BIOS.
    Run Memtest to check RAM stability. 8 passes minimum.

    CM PSU's aren't the best either, so could just be bad/dirty power getting to your comp.

    You're also the second person today to pair a <6 phase power board (5 in your case) with an i5-750 and have issues. Technically the i5-750 is compatible with that board, but lots of people have been having issues due to the low phase power.
  5. thanks banthracis ...ill run these tests on weekend and update you.
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