64mb cache VS 32mb cache

alright i plan on building a new pc and right now i am confused in the hard drive section. There's really nothing else to say so i will just ask my question.

32 MB Cache

64 MB Cache

Whats the difference between the 2 hard drives? is it a huge difference will it effect the performance of my pc?

i would also like to know whats the difference between :

Western Digital Caviar Blue Hd
Wester Digital Caviar Black Hd

ty for reading and ansering my questions

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    The Caviar Black has data transfer speeds of 126MB/s.
    The Caviar Blue has data transfer speeds of 150MB/s.

    This link shows you the difference between Caviar Blue, Green, & Black:
  2. oh thank you i think i will go with caviar black since it has a 5 year warranty

    thanks :)
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