AMD good enough?

I,ve got a AMD AthlonII Quad core x4 620 with 2gb RAM and onboard Nvdia 8200 will i be able to play the latest games? and what operating system should i buy?
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  1. cpu is good enough but get a dedicated graphics card, like ati 5770, the 8200 is not meant for games. windows 7 home premium 64bit for os
  2. The AMD cpu is fine, the nvidia graphics isn't.
  3. Quote:
    onboard Nvdia 8200 will i be able to play the latest games?
    Sorry, no you won't.
    And if you have to buy an OS Windows7 is the only real choice IMO.
  4. The CPU is fine but the onboard 8200 is far from being a gaming card a discrete GPU would be needed. OS today would be windows 7.
  5. thanks all thats great is ati 5770 fairly new ? also would 2GB of ram be enough for gaming?
  6. 5770 is the best bang-for-buck card available and 2gb of RAM should be ok.
  7. 2GB of RAM is fine for a 32-bit OS, try to get a 64-bit and 4GB though.

    The 5770 is the latest generation, and plays games nicely on 1680x1050, though it struggles at 1920.
  8. I would say 2GB while fine is minimum, while your upgrading if you can afford it putting in an extra 2GB wouldnt hurt, would you notice a differance ? i would say yes. When i changed from XP with 2GB to W7 64 with 4GB i noticed a differance. I had run the RC with 2gb so i do have a referance to what W7 ran like with 2GBand i would say its worth it.

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