After removing some programs my compaq xp will not load past the blue xp screen

I have a Compaq Presario6370us running XP. I "uninstalled" a bunch of junk programs (using the control panel "remove programs" utility. I re-started the computer as instructed a now it only gets to the blue Widows XP with the hour glass visible and goes no further. Pressing F8 gets me to some start-up options (safe mode is one o them)..... No choice works... HELP please!

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  1. Do you recall exactly what programs you removed? If so, will you list them?
  2. Hi Ken

    I don't remember all of the programs that I un-installed. About 6-8 before re-starting. They were all programs that were listed as "used rarely". i was trying to load "misic match jukebox" and others that I had not installed (I just aquired this computer).
    The one program that got my attention was an HP printer, that seemed to take a bit longer than the others, and appeared to be removing several files...
  3. I don't think the removing the HP printer driver is the problem. Are you getting any type of error message at all? Do you have any external devices connected such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive? If yes, try disconnecting those devices and restarting the computer. Worst case is you may have to do a factory restore if all else fails.
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