AMD Phenom II X4 N930 vs. Intel Core i5-430m

I have a choice between two laptops with almost the same components for the same price (please no suggestions), one with an Intel Core i5-430m and the other with a AMD Phenom II x4 N930. I have read reviews saying the i5 is better but I am not sure, I have seen also that the Phenom N930 is brutal at single and dual threaded applications. So really which is better for day to day tasks and playing games, mostly Call of Duty (Waw, Mw2, Black Ops). I am opting for the i5 but I really don't know. And also I won't be running extensive applications, at the most Photoshop CS5.
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  1. The horribly low clock speed on the mobile Phenoms make them terrible buys, go with an I5.
  2. from what I'm aware, the AMD Phenom 2 x4 is a match for most of the i5's for basic computing. It's obvious that the i5 will be better at gaming but the results haven't shown that much of a significant margin ( However if we're talking photoshop and heavily threaded apps then the AMD will be better at handling it. So I hear.
  3. The i5 430m has a whopping 260 MHz more than the Phenom II 930n, while the Phenom has 2 more actual cores. All those games he listed are playable on the 930n with the lowish 5650. MW2 is playable at 1366x768 res all on high with x4 AA, not bad at all. I say go Phenom.
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