RAID1 with OS/Won't boot when other hdds are plugged in

I have some issues with a setup i am currently trying to upgrade.

The specs are as follows.

ASUStek M4A78T-E Mobo
(x2) 120 OCZ SSD Raid1 With OS installed on.
16gb ram

Then the issue comes in when i attempt to add additional HDDs (1 500GB and 1 1TB)
Both of these are not raid drives, i have information located on these that i need to keep.

Now i only have 5 sata ports. I still use an IDE dvd-rom, and one SATA port has a BD-rom.

I finished the windows installation with just the two SSDs and after updates and drivers, i powered down and plugged in the two other drives.

powered on.

All i got was a black screen after all the post messages with the flashing cursor.


BIOS does not show any discs.


Booted into the raid utility, it sees all drives and has the 2 hdds as <single drive>
and the two ssds as a functional raid 1

when i have just the two ssds plugged in, windows boots just fine.

when i plug in the other two hdds, it will not boot.

Any idea what may be happening?

if you need anymore info, just let me know.

thank you in advanced.
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    Verify in BIOS that your 1st boot device is your RAID array.
    Your 2nd & 3rd boot device should be set to Disabled.
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